Driving cloud adoption

Cloud applications are a reality for SMBs and your customers have specific needs when accessing the cloud. They control their workspace, choosing which applications to use; bringing their own device (BYOD) and they require technology that enables their staff to work anywhere at any time.

Currently cloud control panels are difficult to manage and lack focus on the end-user, not providing an enhanced user experience. These requirements are met with our app workspace which has the perfect solution to provision these services, automated and fast. When it comes to consuming cloud applications there now is a unique product: Gateway4Cloud Starter Edition.

Gateway4Cloud Starter Edition


Gateway4Cloud Starter Edition is a solution that allows you to access a collection of free to use cloud applications from a user-friendly single sign-on interface.

Gateway4Cloud is a browser-based workspace aggregator; it integrates cloud applications and gives the administrator access a marketplace of multi-tenant capable cloud services. The administrator can easily buy additional cloud services as Hosted Exchange mailboxes and Microsoft SharePoint on top of the free available applications inside Gateway4Cloud.

The creation of Gateway4Cloud users can be easily done one by one or by bulk. Cloud applications can directly be assigned to the users which makes Gateway4Cloud the ultimate app workspace.

End user features

The Gateway4Cloud Starter Edition can be activated for all your users/collegues with three different cloud applications which will be free to use. Which are:

CakeMail email marketing
CakeMail is an email marketing application and a simple tool to help the SMBs to grow their business. Included is a subscription for 1,000 contacts / 10,000 emails a month

Folders4Cloud Powered by YobiDrive and a lightweight service that is extremely easy to use. It allows the users to share and store files in a personal and shared folder that are both integrated in Gateway4Cloud. Included: 1 Personal Folder + 2 Shared folders with both unlimited storage.

BackupAgent cloud backup BackupAgent is a secure cloud backup and recovery tool with great security features. Included is a subscription with 1 GB of cloud backup.